I am a marriage and family therapist.

I want to help you love yourself, connect with your partner, and feel more confident as you go through the world, removing doubt along the way. I do this by helping you connect with your underlying needs as well as with your inner child, meaning past wounds, traumas, and fears can be resolved allowing you to not be so self-critical.

I am trained in both ART and EFT

Trauma is not stored in the front of the brain (also knows as the frontal cortex) but further back, meaning a different method is necessary to process trauma rather than simply “thinking it through”. This is where ART, also known as Accelerated Resolution Therapy, comes in as it is a modality that helps us to connect with past traumas in a healthier manner. With my couples, I am trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) which helps you both connect to underlying attachment needs while learning what are called “primary softer emotions”. Many times, we get caught in communication cycles that aren’t working or worse, lead to conflict, thus EFT works by building a positive connection cycle. One in which you and your partner both feel heard while seeing the other person.


Part of feeling comfortable with some of those tough discussions in the room and getting to know me as a therapist…is getting to know me as a person! One part of my life is my Pomeranian, Cubby. Somehow, he stays smiling until all the peanut butter is gone. Authenticity is crucial for a beneficial therapeutic relationship, and it is the core for working through some of the “tougher stuff” in life, past, present or future
you want to feel comfortable. I model authenticity to help you feel like you can be yourself.

About me

Hi, I'm cubby!

Hi, my name is Jen,


I know coming to therapy can be nerve-wracking, especially early on. If you have never been part of individual or couple’s therapy before, it can be a foreign thought and notion to simply “open up” on cue to a stranger. I recognize this and while I want to help all my clients, I also want them to work at their own comfort level and pace. The ultimate goal is to allow you to feel less alone in your emotions while letting you start to view what may be considered an “undesired” part of yourself in a more structured or healthy manner.


Professional Info is great and all, but here is a little bit more about me!

Treat of choice

Chai Tea Latte or Anything Pumpkin

I can't live without

My Pets; my dog Cubby & cat Moo

How I self-Care

Being Out In Nature

Fave Book Genre

Psychological Thriller

Ways I push myself

Running Marathons

I Love


Fave Weekend pastime

Shopping Farmer's Markets

the imperfect oyster

behind THE COASTAL TIDES brand

The symbolism behind the oyster and the pearl  goes deep for Coastal Tides Counseling. The oyster illustrates the obstacles that must be overcome to get to hope (the pearl).

There is always hope in any dark or imperfect situation.

- Alina k.

Jennifer is a kind, compassionate and caring clinician. She is truly committed to helping her clients grow so that they can heal and experience more joy and love in life. Highly recommend her as a therapist for couples, families, teens or anyone struggling with life’s issues!

Kind Words

- Anurita v.

Jennifer has a kind, understanding, non-judgemental, and open nature, which allows her to effectively care for her clients’ individual needs and concerns.

Kind Words From My Clients

- niki t.

Jennifer is an excellent clinician. She is empathetic and real with her clients and an expert in EFT. I am highly confident in her skills and would recommend to clients without reservation.

Kind Words From My Clients