teen therapy


"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."

- Winston Churchill


You feel like something is going on with your teen but you are not sure because they’ve become a closed book. Or maybe you have historically had an amazing relationship but the stress from school, friendships (both theirs AND yours), social media and other stressors are making a chasm grow between you. You see your teen’s energy going down and that bubbly confident personality is fading.


As a teen it feels like the aggregate stress of school, friends, and life can be overly burdensome. To say nothing of adding the extra stress of living through a pandemic, going to school online, maintaining friendships at a digital distance, burnout, college applications, keeping up with both schoolwork and extracurriculars, and doing it all while carefully cultivating a social media image through any number of platforms. As a millennial, I understand when I was a teen it was different. Despite this “generation gap”, I love working with Gen Z teens since they are some of the most open-minded and see the world in a totally unique, new lens than previous generations. Further, I am an LGBTQI advocate and will be a safe space to discuss all topics relevant to gender identity and expression.

I have so much passion working with High school teens who are struggling with anxiety, depression, and stress. This is a time where they are figuring out who they are, what their values are and how they want to present themselves to the world. I will aim to help your teen strengthen their relationship with their peers, family, and other important individuals in their lives while increasing their self-esteem/self-worth and feeling more grounded with school and other tasks in their life.


Social media, school life, and all of the typical teen-related circumstances that occur day-to-day can all contribute to anxiety and depression. 


Teens today are living through unprecedented times of stress. There's a lot going on in the world as a whole that can add to the typical stressors in a teen's life. You don't have to handle it on your own.

- Alina k.

Jennifer is a kind, compassionate and caring clinician. She is truly committed to helping her clients grow so that they can heal and experience more joy and love in life. Highly recommend her as a therapist for couples, families, teens or anyone struggling with life’s issues!

Kind Words

- Anurita v.

Jennifer has a kind, understanding, non-judgemental, and open nature, which allows her to effectively care for her clients’ individual needs and concerns.

Kind Words From My Clients

- niki t.

Jennifer is an excellent clinician. She is empathetic and real with her clients and an expert in EFT. I am highly confident in her skills and would recommend to clients without reservation.

Kind Words From My Clients