I have such a passion for working with my clients who are wanting to process their trauma. I am trained in ART, use inner child, and psychodrama components and parts work to help clients work through trauma. When we just talk about trauma we are cognitively thinking about it and that does not allow us to connect with where trauma is stored in our brain. The tools I use help you get out of your head and connect more with your emotions and body.


I am trained in Relational Life Therapy (RLT) and Emotionally focused therapy (EFT) I love helping couples reconnect using EFT. EFT will help each of you recognize your cycle, and learn some of the deeper emotions that are happening for you and your partner and you will learn ways to communicate your needs in a way your partner can hear and validate. You will not just be learning communication tools but ways to understand each other better and even connect with your attachment needs and wants.


I love helping clients connect with their emotions and learn tools to help them navigate life. I help clients work through those feelings of anxiety and depression. I will help you learn to quiet that loud critical voice, love yourself again and learn tools to help you navigate future instances of anxiety or depression, preventing it from taking over. Anxiety and depression is not something you need to go through alone.


I see teens 16 and older. I love working with teen girls who are struggling with anxiety, depression, social stressors, school stressors or perfectionism.

Jennifer Schaap, LMFT

Hi, my name is Jen, I have been working as a therapist for over ten years. I know coming to therapy can be a nerve-racking experience. It can be weird to just have to open up to a stranger. One of my top values is authenticity. I show up real and human so that you can feel the same.

Get to know me

- Alina k.

Jennifer is a kind, compassionate and caring clinician. She is truly committed to helping her clients grow so that they can heal and experience more joy and love in life. Highly recommend her as a therapist for couples, families, teens or anyone struggling with life’s issues!

Kind Words

- Anurita v.

Jennifer has a kind, understanding, non-judgemental, and open nature, which allows her to effectively care for her clients’ individual needs and concerns.

Kind Words From My Clients

- niki t.

Jennifer is an excellent clinician. She is empathetic and real with her clients and an expert in EFT. I am highly confident in her skills and would recommend to clients without reservation.

Kind Words From My Clients